Msrossbec.com is a non-profit blog site that offers help, advice, and guidance to people who have a gambling addiction or suspect that someone they know has one. To help us create awareness and keep offering 24-hour support, we need sponsors that help us to keep going. These sponsors help keep the site running, help us continually learn more and acquire new resources and writers, and also help with hosting events.
Our sponsors are amazing people and we are eternally grateful for their help and support. They have helped us help many people with gambling addictions. We would like to share these wonderful sponsors with you.

Safe Gambling Association of Helena

This association collaborates with us regularly in arranging events to create awareness about gambling addictions. With their assistance, we have had 7 very successful events and very inspiring speakers.

HGM Casino and Entertainment

The HGM is a strong supporter of responsible gambling. You may find it strange that a casino is a sponsor for a gambling addiction site, but these guys really are amazing. They don’t have a business if people don’t gamble, but they also don’t want people to get lost in the dark place that is gambling addiction. They sponsor some of our events and also make generous donations to keep us going.

George Anderson – Psychologist

George Anderson is the psychologist that steps in when we meet or hear of someone who needs help. He has a wonderful way of working with people and especially with those struggling with addictions. He offers his services at very low prices to help us help others.

Without these sponsors, we will not be able to do what we do. Thank you!