Determining what are the most popular courses in Canada really comes down to each student’s specific expectations. Any of the courses that are being offered are considered to be popular otherwise they would be excluded from the course rosters.

To narrow it down to the top five it would have to be…


One of the advantages of studying engineering in Canada is that many of the courses prepare the graduate for being able to build excellent careers not only within Canada but many other parts of the world.

Information Technology

A lot of students will choose information technology as their course of studies because they know this is the way of the future. There should always be a chance for them to find gainful employment no matter which category within these courses they choose to specialize in.

Business Management

Business management graduates normally don’t have any difficulties with finding good jobs because there is a constant need for professionals within this field. Plus, it also equps them with the knowledge and skills in the event they want to start their own business. Successful completion of courses in this field often allows the graduates to move up the corporate ladder very quickly, and fill executive positions.

Pharmacy Technician

With an aging population, there are much more demands being placed on the end users of prescribed drugs. This is opening up more doors for work for those who have an interest in this field without having to spend many years furthering their education to become pharmacists.

Hospitality Management

Tourism is a big industry in many parts of the world and it feeds the hospitality industry. This creates a need for professionals who are properly trained in hospitality management. For students, they feel that they will always have a solid future in this line of work.