There are different categories of people that are taking an interest in education in Canada, and these groups of interested parties are all going to have different requirements. Which one are you?

Canadian Students

Students that have left the high school system may now be looking at going to College then University. Across Canada, there are many excellent schools that the young ones can go to and most often they can find all of the courses they are interested in fairly close to home or they may have options to live on campus.

Education in Canada For Foreign Students

Education in CanadaThis is another category of individuals that show a keen interest in the Canadian school systems. These are foreign students who wish to come to Canada to extend their learning and they are usually most interested in courses at the university level although there are educational opportunities available for them at the college levels. No matter which Canadian school system they are going to go into there is specific criteria that they will have to meet.


Parents are a group of people that are interested in all levels of education in Canada, going from elementary to high school then onto college and university. It is very common for parents to set up their homes in areas where they have previously checked out the school systems in that area not only for short-term needs but for the long term.

Another option in the Canadian education systems is the private schools. For those students who cannot find exactly what they want in the regular school system, they will sometimes turn to private schools that may be offering specialized courses that are not available elsewhere. Some of these schools are accredited and some are not. Parents also have the option of enrolling their young ones in private schools.

On the whole, Canada is comprised of some excellent school systems.