Msrossbec.com is a blog site that aims to help people with a gambling addiction. It also aims to help those around gambling addicts to notice the signs and take action to help. We offer helpful tips, explain what signs to look for, and give advice on helping someone with a gambling addiction. It is important to understand the addiction, risk factors, and reasons for becoming addicted before someone can be helped.

Heather Dudley is the lady behind the blog. Her brother had a serious gambling addiction and their family went through a very tough time during his addiction. With the help of his family and friends, her brother got help and is a happy, healthy, and gamble-free father. Because of her personal experience with the addiction, Heather decided to start a blog that can help others who struggle with the same problem.

Msrossbec.com invites anyone who thinks they may have a problem or anyone who thinks they know someone who may have a gambling problem to contact us at support@msrossbec.com. We are here to help and make sure that you or your friend get the necessary support and help. A gambling addiction can be overcome with the right people and the right approach. There is hope for you.